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Heritage Boatyard

Working together to keep history afloatLogo - Heritage Boatyard at National Waterways Museum, Ellesmere Port.

The Heritage Boatyard is a partnership that has been set up to conserve the historic boat fleet at National Waterways Museum and to teach young people boat building skills.

Volunteers and young trainees work alongside each other on a wide range of boats, all originally used on Britain's canals and inland waterways.

The Heritage Boatyard team are on site most Mondays to Fridays, and some Sundays and event days. They will be happy to answer questions about their work and for museum visitors it's a fascinating chance to see conservation in action as these wooden and steel boats are returned to their former glory.

Latest News 

The Heritage Lottery Fund has awarded the National Waterways Museum £110k from its Skills for the Future Fund. The grant will be used to further the work at the Heritage Boatyard, training more people in the necessary heritage skills so they can help conserving the historic collection. See footage of the boatyard and the funding announcement on YouTube for full details of the award see The Waterways Trust's website.

A partnership between National Waterways Museum, the Boat Museum Society, National Historic Boats Register, The Waterways Trust and West Cheshire College.


To see how work is progressing and to find out how to get involved visit the Boat Museum Society website.

Click here to find out how to help save our historic boats through the Supporters Scheme.


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Moving a boat at the Heritage Boatyard, National Waterways Museum,Ellesmere Port.

Heritage Boatyard volunteer and trainees working together.

At work on Bacup at the Heritage Boatyard.

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