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The collection at Ellesmere Port

Making the most of its canal-port origins, at Ellesmere Port you can see many items from the inland waterways collection as they would have been originally placed and used.

Examples from the historic boat collection are available to view in the canal, Porters Row details what the dock worker’s cottages would have been like from 1833 to the 1950s, equipment in the blacksmith’s forge is still used to create ironwork and the engines in the Power Hall reveal what was needed to make the canal port function.

Within the main gallery, the Island Warehouse, patterns and tools illustrate how boats used to be constructed and on the upper floor you can see the type of material which used to be transported on our waterways and hear stories of people who lived and worked on the canals.

For more information about the collection at Ellesmere Port call 0151 373 5017 or email the Collections Team

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